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When to take Social Security is a crucial retirement planning decision

How to Decide When to Take Social Security


One of the first questions we ask anyone who comes in for a consultation is, “What age do you think […]

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How to find your magic number for retirement.

Is There Really a Magic Number for Retirement?


At least once per year, we see a news story about the “magic number” for retirement.  Just a few weeks […]

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Should You Add Life Insurance When Retired?


Why is it Important to Supplement Life Insurance? Recent data shows that only slightly more than half of all Americans […]

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You Need More Than Savings for Retirement


Investments Alone Will Not Get You Through Your Retirement Years Retirement is your reward after decades of hard work. And […]

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Could Your Retirement Account Be Working Harder for You?


You Have a Lot Riding on Your Employer Retirement Account. Make Sure Your 401(k) is Optimized for Your Needs There’s […]

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Stop Checking Your 401(k) Account


It’s Wise to Get Some Distance from Your 401(k) The retirement plan type known as 401(k) didn’t even exist until […]

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