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Download any of our free educational reports right now. These reports are packed full of little-known strategies to help you:

  1. Create income you won’t outlive
  2. Control taxes
  3. Minimize investment risks
  4. Protect your assets
  5. Prepare an estate and legacy plan

Maximize the income potential from your current retirement savings.


Determine how and when to take Social Security for the highest benefit possible.


Create a tax-free income in retirement using six different strategies.


Protect and preserve your estate from unforeseen events.


Design an estate plan to protect you and your family from assets being “frozen,” unnecessary taxes, and loss of control.

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Download Alpha Wealth Reports

Read our latest free reports from Thomas Fortino. You’ll receive the following downloads:

  • Road Map to Retirement
  • Maximizing Income in Retirement
  • The 6 Essential Documents
  • Bullet-Proofing Your Beneficiaries
  • Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes
  • 6 Strategies to Create Tax-Free Income
  • The Truth About Annuities
  • AlphaAdvisor Asset Organizer
  • Budget and Income Sources Worksheet
  • Create Your Perfect Portfolio in 5 Simple Steps
  • The Social Security Decision
  • Understanding Your 401k

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